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Friday, August 5, 2011

Greek Yogurt


This gal offers a full tutorial, details, and trouble shooting.  Here's the cut to the chase version:

1 qt milk
1 tsp good Greek yogurt
1/4 C powdered milk (optional if you want added calcium)

(I triple the recipe.)

heat milk to 175-180 degrees
cool to 110-120 degrees
whisk in starter yogurt and powdered milk

Cover the container and keep it at 100 degrees or so for 6-14 hours.

Personally, I put the container on a heating pad set to medium and leave it sit all day.  Also - wrapping it up in a towel and closing in in the microwave works well too (the microwave is small, enclosed, insulated).

Once done, pour through a bouillon strainer.  Once strained store in a covered container in the fridge.  If you want yogurt cheese, simply strain it all night.

EASY!  :)

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